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Philips Magic Sarap seasoner powder sachet packing machine,mustard powder pouch


Machine features

1) Be able to weight, bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting,lot number automatically.

2) It has color control system which can get the complete trade mark design

(photoelectricity control system).

3) The machine fix stepper motor controller,its advantage is precise,needless to adjust other parts

4) Intelligent temperature control by temperature controller to make heat balance better.use bilingual display


 screen control system and stainless steel cabinet

5) Fine packaging performance ,low noise ,clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance

6)With safe plastic box on rotating blade to avoid hurting operator's hands

7) Need to change new temperature controller,blade& pressing mode only after 3 years continuous


operation,2 shifts a day and other parts is still good and safe freely)

8)With printer (to be able to code the date and batch number) and rotating blade(be able to adjust the length


 of bag and shape of bag notch edge packing.

Technical parameters

Model   : EP-60BK

Capcity: 40-60 bags/min

Range of measurement: 1-50ml

Bag size: (L)40-160 (W)40-100mm

Power: 1.2KW

Voltage: 380V/50HZ 220V/50-60HZ

Packing material: Paper/the polyethylene,nylon/polyethylene,tea filter paper,etc

Net weight: 350kg

Overall dimensions: 800*800*1800mm


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