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Drip coffee bag packing machine

EP-188 Drip Coffee Bag (Inner & Outer Bags) Packaging Machine


I. Application scope


Powdered coffee and other small particles of material


II. Features


1. The special drip filter bag with three-sided sealing is adopted, which can be directly hung against the cup edge to have a better brewing effect; moreover, the neat bag shape is a high fashion in the overseas markets.


2.The machine integrates automatic functions such as bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, batch number printing and the like.


3.The machine is controlled by a precise control system and is provided with an intuitive Man-Machine interface (MMI), featuring compact structure, convenient operation and adjustment and easy-to-maintenance.


4.The inner bag controller is driven by a servo motor for accurate positioning and stable bag length. As for the outer bag, the positioning is realized by a photoelectric switch for stepping film drawing and accurate and trim bag-making.


5.The drip inner bag, made of non-woven fabric, guarantees convenient and hygienic brewing. The bag is sealed by the state-of-the-art ultrasonic sealer for perfect sealing and neat appearance.


III. Main technical parameters


Model: EP-188


Sealing type: three-sided sealing


Measuring range: 1-10g/bag (Other specification available upon request)


Dimension of inner bag: L 70mm * W 90mm (Other specification available upon request)


Dimension of outer bag: L 120mm * W100mm (Other specification available upon request)


Power supply: 220V/50HZ, single-phase


Total power: 3.7kw


Total weight: 660KG


External dimension: 1350*850*2200 (L*W*H, mm)


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